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Reward Levels

Rewards Levels are based on total amount spent with The Crafty Customs. The more you spend over time the higher rewards level you become.

TCC Admirer

Base Level

Earn 2 points per $1.00 spent

50 Rewards Points on your Birthday

TCC Enthusiast

Middle Level

1.5 Point Multiplier - 3 Points per $1.00 spent

100 Rewards Points on your Birthday

TCC Hoarder

Final Level

2X Point Multiplier - 4 Points per $1.00 spent

150 Rewards Points on your Birthday

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Early Access to New Products!

Other Ways to Earn Points

You can earn additional points for any of the below items!

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Points Based on Rewards Level

Birthday Bonus

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Earn 25 Points!

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Below are the rewards you will be able to choose from based on your amount of points, these will change over time!

100 Points

$5.00 OFF

Receive a $5.00 off coupon!

1000 Points

$25.00 OFF

Receive a $25.00 off coupon!

250 Points

10% OFF

Receive a 10% off your order coupon!

500 Points

15% OFF

Receive a 15% off your order coupon!


Give your friends $5 off on their 2nd order (account will be receive reward automatically if 1st order is $50.00 or more) and get $10 off coupon for each successful referral.